Daniel Welsch

Hey there!

I’m Daniel Welsch.

I’m an author, blogger, podcaster and travel writer.

These days, you can usually find me in and around Barcelona, Spain. Originally, though, I’m from Phoenix, Arizona, over in the USA.

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Nice to meet you!

Check out my writing online…

You can find my writing in a lot of places.

First, I’ve got a bunch of books on Amazon.

Then there are my educational blogs at madridingles.net and aprendemasingles.com if you’re a Spanish speaker and you’d like to learn some English.

My lifestyle / travel blog is at expatmadrid.com – there I write about life in Spain and whatever else I feel like.

The Aprende Más Inglés podcast has more than 300 episodes, you can check it out here: anchor.fm/aprendemasingles

(Or look for it on Spotify or Apple Podcasts, or in your favorite podcast app.)

Also, I do this YouTube thing from time to time, mostly in Spanish.

More from Daniel Welsch

Apart from my personal projects, my writing’s been published on Esquire, Lonely Planet and more.

Take a look Eat Bacon like a Modern Caveman, the article I did about the paleo diet for Esquire.

Or maybe Why I Live in both Madrid and Barcelona, my latest from Lonely Planet.

That’s about it!

Drop me a line danielwelsch (at) gmail (dot) com.

Have fun,


P.S. A couple new things I’m doing in the 2020s: the Spain to Go podcast, and Learn Spanish with Daniel, which is pretty self-explanatory.